Linda Lukacs

San Diego City Council District 2

I am honored to have you consider my candidacy for San Diego City Council. I love our communities and will work together with you to make them the best that they can be. 


We live in a district that we can and should be proud of.  A place in which we feel safe and can enjoy our precious coastline and endless sunsets. A place where we can raise our families, build our businesses and a place where we can rely on an efficient, updated infrastructure that enhances our quality of life.

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I am passionate and committed to making District 2 a better place for us all.

I've lived in San Diego for 27 years having moved from Chagrin Falls, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. I reside in the Sunset Cliffs area of Point Loma and I love it here which is why I am now running for City Council. I am saddened and frustrated by the current state of our District. 

I bring a comprehensive skill set to the position of City Councilmember that includes careers in healthcare, academics and business.  I hold professional licenses in dentistry, nursing, and real estate.  I'm also a Professor and businesswoman. Having held numerous leadership positions in organized dentistry, I'm proud to be respected as a problem solver,  one who is not afraid to tackle critical issues and someone who works hard to get results.

I am proudly endorsed by the Lincoln Club of San Diego.

D2 issues

When I first arrived in San Diego I was so very impressed by this great, big city with a small town feel. I saw it as a place with so much to offer, a place that was clean, safe and friendly.  I still love this city but sadly, San Diego isn’t so clean anymore. Tragically crime is increasing and our infrastructure is failing. This great city with so much potential is decaying and we are struggling to keep pace with meeting fundamental needs: the needs of all of our residents, our businesses, and our future generations. It’s time to reclaim our quality of life. I honestly believe that with focus, commitment and hard work we can effect so much good together.

District 2 is our home. We must all work together to preserve our reputation as “America’s Finest City” and to secure the future of San Diego for generations to come. If we are to succeed we must have open and frequent opportunities for discussion between City Hall and our communities. There should be an expectation that we are heard and have a say in our neighborhoods; no more surprises.

  • I support programs that address the primary root causes of homelessness. Simply providing hotel vouchers is not working, will never work and is costing us millions. 

    • The safety of our neighbors and businesses depend on addressing homelessness in a firm and compassionate manner so that our sidewalks, parks and canyons are not used as homes.

    • We need an immediate plan to address this issue NOW. I will work with our City partners to provide transitional, structured, safe sites for the homeless with basic health and hygiene facilities while long term programs are underway.

    • As your councilmember I will work hard to develop a sustainable, long term program that provides supportive treatment to address the root causes and facilitate growth and development of life skills. 

  • I support our Law Enforcement agencies to help keep us all safe. Our officers are leaving San Diego in alarming numbers. Our community must support them.

    • The safety of our community is of vital importance to each and every one of us. Crime is on the rise and I will fight to keep our police department fully funded. 

    • I will fight for increased training opportunities so officers are equipped for their jobs, improved work conditions and staffing and ensure that our 1st responders are fairly compensated. 

  • I support an environmentally sensible, fiscally responsible, long term plan to address our failing infrastructure. Our roads are eroding and are in great disrepair, our waterlines are rupturing and our cliffs are eroding. Our electrical grid is stressed,  transformers are blowing and electrical wires remain above ground despite countless years of planning.

    • Our City is suffering from a failing infrastructure that is having a negative impact today and will prevent us from growing in the future. Our efforts for expansion must be coordinated with long term solutions.As your councilmember I will collaborate with the responsible departments to develop and implement a practical and prioritized strategic plan for replacing, modernizing and expanding our infrastructure. It is imperative that a sound infrastructure plan is in place prior to taking on major development projects. Bandaid approaches and knee-jerk reactions often prove to be inefficient and costly in the long run.

    • I will work towards improving our services. Our streets need to be well lit with functioning street lights, sidewalks made safe for pedestrians, and, where appropriate, safe lanes for bicyclists that invite a healthy lifestyle, not jeopardize it and explore better and safer ways to control traffic speed.

  • I support programs that address the skyrocketing costs of living in San Diego.

    • It is becoming harder and harder to afford to live here. This is a devastating problem for our families, our children, our businesses and workers and our future. Homeownership is no longer possible for many. As your councilmember I will advocate for programs that help create affordable housing while preserving the quality of our neighborhoods. These programs must be coordinated at the city, state and federal levels to be able to offer incentives that keep costs stable.

    • I will be an advocate for a better place for all of us, our businesses and our children. I will approach this position with mature and practical experience.

It is my commitment to help this district, our home,  get back on track and to strengthen its reputation as America’s Finest City.

Voting Assistance

Who can vote in the District 2 San Diego City Council election?

Registered voters who reside in Clairemont, Linda Vista, Midway, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, Point Loma.

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I am passionate about maximizing quality of life in D2 for us all.


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"The residents of District 2 deserve an engaged representative who genuinely cares about them and their unique neighborhood issues.  Dr. Linda Lukacs will listen to constituents and be responsive to concerns impacting the quality of life in their neighborhoods." 

 Lorie Zapf, former San Diego City Councilmember, District 2

Dr. Linda Lukacs has been serving our community for many years. She is trusted, smart and courageous.” 

Kevin Faulconer, Former San Diego Mayor