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Regardless of the outcome of this election, I’d like to personally thank everyone for their tireless support and belief in our campaign. It’s absolutely heartwarming to appreciate that people shared my dream and dedicated so much of their time for a common goal of making our home, our district, and our city ever more wonderful for us and for the future. 


So with that: THANK YOU FOR YOU OVERWHELMING SUPPORT! Thank you for your kindness, your time, for your passion for positive change and for your financial support.


I love this community. We truly are all so very fortunate to live in such a beautiful place filled with so many incredible people and promise. Our nation and political system remain a model and a dream for so many of the people of the world. I’m honored to be able to participate in the political process.


Linda Lukacs

San Diego City Council District 2

I am honored to have you consider my candidacy for San Diego City Council. I love our communities and will work together with you to make them the best that they can be. 


We live in a district that we can and should be proud of.  A place in which we feel safe and can enjoy our precious coastline and endless sunsets. A place where we can raise our families, build our businesses and a place where we can rely on an efficient, updated infrastructure that enhances our quality of life.



Dr. Linda Lukacs calls on Councilmember Campbell to stop deceptive ads

Posted: October 13, 2022

Lukacs speaks out against Campbell's dirty campaign mailers

Peninsula Beacon

District 2 City Council candidate Linda Lukacs answers our questions

Mandy Havlik endorses

Dr. Linda Lukacs

Ed Harris, former D2 Councilmember endorses Dr. Linda Lukacs

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I am passionate and committed to making District 2 a better place for us all.

I've lived in San Diego for 27 years having moved from Chagrin Falls, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. I reside in the Sunset Cliffs area of Point Loma and I love it here which is why I am now running for City Council. I am saddened and frustrated by the current state of our District. 

I bring a comprehensive skill set to the position of City Councilmember that includes careers in healthcare, academics and business.  I hold professional licenses in dentistry, nursing, and real estate.  I'm also a Professor and businesswoman. Having held numerous leadership positions in organized dentistry, I'm proud to be respected as a problem solver,  one who is not afraid to tackle critical issues and someone who works hard to get results.


Since the start of my campaign for City Council I have had the privilege of visiting, meeting and speaking with more than 4000 of our constituents. I have cherished my time meeting you, my neighbors, and hearing your thoughts and concerns about our communities. 


During this time I’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and have stated my responses to them. I hope you will find this helpful. Please reach out to me with any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions. I look forward to hearing from you.


How do we solve the homelessness crisis?

This can only be solved by addressing the root causes which tragically are overwhelmingly mental illness and drug addiction. It is imperative that we provide shelter AND services that help these individuals. Our efforts should be to try to help these individuals get healthy and back on their feet, safe and hopefully productive members of society. Services must include mental health counseling and addiction treatment. Our efforts must be comprehensive, with foresight that incorporates input and guidance from the community. 


What about the individuals who refuse services?

The importance of helping and protecting both the individual in question as well as the community cannot be overstated. Our first responders and care providers must be supported in these efforts. When necessary and appropriate, there must be judicious and ethical enforcement of law. 


I’ve had several discussions with healthcare providers, social workers as well as members of law enforcement regarding the difficult and complex issue of detaining homeless individuals. While often not ideal, sadly there are times when this may well be the only option for those in extremis and who are a threat to themselves and others. Changes in conservatorship can also facilitate help for those individuals who are incapable of making good choices and are at risk for harming themselves or others.


Crime is out of control. What will you do about it?

I began my professional career as a police dispatcher. My mother was a police officer and later on in her career she proudly and diligently climbed the professional ladder to become a very well respected jail administrator and consultant. I have a very deep respect for our law enforcement agencies. These individuals are valued members of our community who work tirelessly to ensure our safety and quality of life. I look forward to our working together. I will fight hard to ensure that our officers have the resources, staffing, respect and support they need to do their job, that they are sufficiently trained, and fairly compensated. I support community oriented policing where our officers are part of the neighborhoods. I will fight to bring back our community substations and neighborhood surveillance.


Do you support the 30 foot height limit?

Growth and development must enhance a community and not detract from it. We need to preserve the personality of our neighborhoods. Before we can address development though, we must ensure that our infrastructure can support growth and further increase in population density. I’ve attended several planning sessions on just this question. In my opinion, at the present time we do not have the requisite logistics and infrastructure in place.



What about Short Term Vacation Rentals (STVRs)?

While I certainly appreciate and support property owner’s rights, there must be prudent and realistic rules, regulations and enforcement in place to govern these businesses. At present there are 4 STVRs on our block. Two of them, one would likely never suspect that they were STVRs. Unfortunately the other two are truly problematic, loud and poorly supervised. Community members must feel safe, secure and comfortable in their homes. We must be able to rely on enforcement of regulations surrounding these business and ordinance violations. Consequences such as fines and revocation of the right to operate a STVR must be in place and enforced. Of note, a new ordinance was recently passed by our current administration. We must give it a chance to see if there is a positive effect. Time will tell.



What do you think about the vendors and the new vendor ordinance?

At present I am in opposition of sidewalk vendors. The reality is they’re hurting our local business owners that have invested so much for so long in our community. These business owners and their employees are struggling. They’ve chosen to operate in our neighborhoods, they pay taxes and high rents, they abide by stringent laws and regulations and support our community. 

Blocking access to our wonderful beaches and parks as well as inequitably competing with our established shops and businesses is in my opinion more than unfair.  

Our current administration has recently passed an ordinance that for some areas will go into effect in June. For the coastal areas, the Coastal Commission will need to review the ordinance and communicate any recommendations and revisions back to City Council. If they are approved we will have to see how effective the ordinance is. Enforcement will to a great measure determine success. I imagine that this will be a work in progress and will, more than likely, require significant attention and revisions in the future.



How will you be different from our current council member?

The role and responsibilities of a council member are incredibly important. The community entrusts this individual to be their voice, their link to City Hall and government, someone who is committed to serving all areas of the District. I will be present, I will listen, I will communicate openly, frequently and transparently. This is my home, my community, my cherished neighbors and friends. I will take action for the betterment of District 2. 



Do you support the Midway development plans?

Yes, I support the Midway development plans once the proper infrastructure is in place. At this time there are no practical plans that address the expected increase in traffic flow in the area as well as the dwindling water supply, the overtaxed electrical grid, and the crumbling roadways. Once we have carefully reviewed reliable impact reports which address not only infrastructure but also the financial and community impact then development can begin. Hasty decisions and actions, as we’ve witnessed all too often, lead to confusion, wasteful spending and duplication of efforts. 



Do you support SB 9 and 10?

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) may well be one practical approach to keeping our families here in San Diego while addressing our critical housing shortage, however at present, both go a bit too far for my comfort. We need to be respectful in preserving the essence and character of our neighborhoods. Building an ADU in proportion to lot size while observing all set backs and with appropriate infrastructure and parking are fundamental elements of a prudent course and appear reasonable. 

Removing residential zoning, getting rid of set backs and disregarding (not preserving) quality of life issues is unreasonable. 



Do you support the People’s Ordinance?

While I certainly appreciate the purported intent of People’s Ordinance, in its present form I find it to be inequitable. If there are absolutely no other alternative funding sources or creative ways to establish free trash pick up for our communities, then we all must pay a fair and equitable share. There is much ongoing debate as to whether homeowners already pay for trash pick up by virtue of their property taxes, as either a line item or “hidden” in the fee structure. This must be investigated and clarified.

It is my personal goal to be the best councilmember that our District has ever had.
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Voting Assistance

Who can vote in the District 2 San Diego City Council election?

Registered voters who reside in Bay Park, Bay Ho, Clairemont, Linda Vista, Midway, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, Point Loma and parts of Old Town.

If you have questions about voting in San Diego please Click below. There you will find answers to many frequently asked questions.
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I can't do this alone. If you would like to be part of the change that brings a better quality of life for all residents of our district please donate today. Any amount brings us closer to reaching our potential.

I am passionate about maximizing quality of life in D2 for us all.


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"The residents of District 2 deserve an engaged representative who genuinely cares about them and their unique neighborhood issues.  Dr. Linda Lukacs will listen to constituents and be responsive to concerns impacting the quality of life in their neighborhoods." 

 Lorie Zapf, former San Diego City Councilmember, District 2

Dr. Linda Lukacs has been serving our community for many years. She is trusted, smart and courageous.” 

Kevin Faulconer, Former San Diego Mayor


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