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Linda Lukacs

San Diego City Council District 2

I am honored to have you consider my candidacy for San Diego City Council. I love our communities and will work together with you to make them the best that they can be. 


We live in a district that we can and should be proud of.  A place in which we feel safe and can enjoy our precious coastline and endless sunsets. A place where we can raise our families, build our businesses and a place where we can rely on an efficient, updated infrastructure that enhances our quality of life.

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I am passionate and committed to making District 2 a better place for us all.

I’ve lived in San Diego County for approximately 27 years, having relocated here from a suburb of Cleveland, OH. I’ve been privileged to live in both our coastal communities and inland communities; having resided in PB, UTC, Mt. Helix and now, OB. 

I bring a comprehensive skill set to the position of City Council member that includes careers in healthcare, academics and entrepreneurship.  I am a dentist, registered nurse, realtor, educator and businesswoman. I’ve held numerous leadership positions, some of which include: Trustee to the California Dental Association, Past President of San Diego County Dental Society, Past Chair of the California Section of the American College of Dentists, Past President of Liberty Hill Home Owners Association (Cleveland, OH). 

I proud to be respected as a problem solver,  one who is not afraid to tackle critical issues and someone who works hard to get results.


D2 issues

When I first arrived in San Diego I was so very impressed by this great, small, big city. I saw it as a place with so much to offer, a place that was clean, safe and friendly.  I still  love this city  however San Diego is no longer small, and sadly it isn’t so clean anymore. Tragically crime is increasing and our infrastructure is eroding. This great city with so much potential is decaying and we just aren’t keeping pace with meeting fundamental needs: the needs of all of our residents, our businesses, and our future generations. It’s time to reclaim our quality of life. I honestly believe that with focus, commitment and hard work we can effect so much good together.

It is my goal to help this district, this city, get back on track and to strengthen its reputation as America’s finest city.
D2 issues

Voting Assistance

Who can vote in the District 2 San Diego City Council election?

Registered voters who reside in Clairemont, Linda Vista, Pacific Beach, Midway, Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, Point Loma.

If you have questions about voting in San Diego please visit Click Below There you will find answers to many frequently asked questions.
Voting Assistance

Registrar Of Voters

Please check to make sure that you are registered to vote at:

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How To Donate

If you would like to be part of the change that brings a better quality of life for all residents of D2 please donate today, any amount brings us closer to our goals.

I am passionate about maximizing quality of life in D2 for us all.


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I want to make D2 better for us all

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